August Board Message – Membership Committee Chair

Help grow the Portland ACG Chapter, bring a guest who might be interested in joining.

In 2005, I applied for membership to ACG at the suggestion of some close friends who thought it would be a good fit for me. I was doing business almost exclusively in the greater Portland community as the new owner of Executive Forum; a significant change from my prior career in which I traveled for my work. Now eleven years later, I can extend a shout out to those that introduced me to ACG. It has been everything they had represented it to be and more.

I’m sharing my experience because I believe there are many others who are seeking the same opportunity to develop rich, collegial relationships and connect with other professionals in the Portland business community. In addition to networking with other leaders, ACG provides a wealth of corporate growth experiences aimed at personal development. At our Peer Growth meetings, a CEO typically shares their growth story with aha moments, successes and the challenges experienced on their watch.

As a member of the Board and membership chair for 2016, it is obvious to me that the Board identified growing membership and engagement as top priorities. To that end, over the past year, membership categories were simplified and clarified to embrace growth in number as well as diversity. One significant initiative is the creation of a new membership category with an eye to succession for young professionals. Our new Excelling Leaders category welcomes under 40 professionals into ACG to participate in general membership activities as well as those design specifically for EL members.

For the past four years, our membership has hovered around 120. Starting in early 2016 the membership committee adopted a goal of adding 30 Excelling Leader members in addition to 40 new corporate and/or business advisory members. In order to accomplish these goals before year end, we need every member’s participation.

Our primary way to grow membership is through membership candidates attending ACG as a guest to experience the value of membership first-hand. We welcome potential new members and allow two visits at no charge to those who seriously want to check out ACG membership. So far this year, we are only averaging 12 guests at each regular meeting and we need upward of 25 at every remaining meeting this year to support our 2016 membership goal.

We have nine very committed membership committee members. But as an all-volunteer organization, membership growth takes everyone’s helping-hand. Bring a friend, business associate, or a high performer in your organization who meets the Excelling Member category and share the experience. If you make a commitment to bringing just one guest to any of the three remaining meetings, we will attract the new members we need.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in September at the Moda Center and be sure to bring a guest.

See you there.

John Cochran

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