ACG Portland: SURVEY RESULTS: The Value of Social Media for Corporate Growth

This evening (4/14/15), ACG Portland/s Peer Growth panel will discuss the “CEO’s perspective on social media and corporate growth”

ACG Portland surveyed its members on various topics about the value of social media on their respective businesses.  Here are the results.

  1. Does your corporation currently actively use social media? 
    • 84.62% – Yes
    • 15.38% – No
  2. Do you use any social media channels for business purposes?
    • 96.15% – Yes
    • 3.85% – No
  3. Rank (from 1-10; 10 being highest) the value you see social media on corporate growth.
    • 11.54% – 10
    • 7.69% – 9
    • 19.23% – 8
    • 19.23% – 7
    • 7.69% – 6
    • 7.69% – 5
    • 11.54% – 4
    • 11.54% – 3
    • 3.85% – 2
    • 0% – 1
  4. What social media channel, if any, do you find most beneficial to your corporation?
    • 79% – LinkedIn
  5. When you want information about a company, do you look to their website or social media first?
    • 88.46% – Website
    • 11.54% – Social Media
  6. What, in your opinion, is the single most beneficial component of social media for a corporation?
    • networking
    • Getting their message out
    • Blogging
    • Information management and reputation support
    • Building thought leadership Recruiting
    • We are looking at social media to generate leads. We are looking to have it support our entry into the national market from being primarily a regional player.
    • Spreading the brand
    • Crating awareness
    • To stay relevant.
    • Increased Brand recognition
    • Information transfer from company to customer.
    • Ability to proactively advance our brand presence to the market at a very affordable price per click.
    • Connectivity with our community
    • Awareness for personal branding and connections to people I meet
    • Remaining current – depends on the industry, though.
    • Recruiting talent
    • LinkedIn
    •  brand exposure
    • Making connections
    • Network effect of engagement of followers. e.g. a “like” on a post shows up to their network even though their network doesn’t directly “like” our company page.
    • Broad exposure-easy for potential clients to find me
    • 1)Connecting with complementary businesses and professionals and 2) Showcasing business expertise
    • Exposure of our business to people below the age of 40 who otherwise would not know of us.
    •  Connecting and engaging with clients and prospects. Establishing and maintaining relevancy and credibility.
    • General awareness and brand identity

February 2015 ACG Portland: “Looking Back and Looking Forward: Reflecting on 20 Years of Northwest Middle Market Growth”

“Looking Back and Looking Forward: Reflecting on 20 Years of Northwest Middle Market Growth”

Less than one week away from ACG Portland’s special event (Tuesday, Feb. 10 @ 5:30 PM at the Moda Center) honoring the association’s founders, Cordell Berge and Lee Koehn, as well as Spencer Brown—a longtime member and advocate for the chapter.

Cordell Berge also poses a compelling question to attendees. Watch the video to see what you might win!

Click here to go directly to registration (see notes below for online registration tips). Hope to see you there!